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Motor Rallies

They find their ways through the jungles, difficult ways and at last they manage to reach to the destination. Motorcycling is a very thrilling experience. Several championships are held in India every year, among them the most enduring and challenging is the Great Himalayan Car Rally, which covers almost all kinds of terrain. Picturesque vintage car rallies are also held in some of the metros in India like the annual Statesman Vintage car rally in Calcutta.

Take care of your feet

Cycling and motorcycling

Bike Race Those who like their adventure at a leisurely pace might like to cycle down to know the various areas of India thoroughly. Motorcycling has become increasingly common as a means of travelling in India. It is pretty generally agreed that the Enfield Bullet 350 and 500 are the best bikes to do India on. You can hire both bikes and cycles, quite cheap, all over India. You can also buy cycles and bikes which you can later sell second-hand. Cycles usually come within the range of Rs 1500-2000. New bikes come within the range of Rs 34,000-80,000; you can also buy bikes second-hand which greatly reduces the price, to about Rs 25,000-Rs 40,000. Remember to bargain. For second hand bikes don't forget to get ownership papers in your own name. Also ask for a No Objection Certificate from the Motor Vehicles Department from the seller if want to take the bike home. Spares for the Enfield bikes are no problem all over India and come quite cheap.
It will be better if you try cycling or biking in India only in the cooler months or the chances of heat stroke and other heat-related problems increase sharply.


SafariCamel Safaris: - Game for something a little different? Riding a camel can take getting used to think the first time you tried sitting cross-kneed. It's not like an elephant ride where you sit back comfortably and let the animal do the rest. Be prepared for sore ankles and knees. It will be better if you try a one-day safari before getting on to anything major. One of the first people to think up camel safaris were surprise, surprise the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), in Jaisalmer. Now there are a whole lot of them, retracing the paths that once traders used to take on their way to business. The popular circuits now are based in Pushkar, Bikaner and Shekhawati.
You can
( Contact ) either local tour operators or the RTDC offices for more details


Elephant Safaris:- Hark back to good old days of the sahibs and shikari by trying an elephant safari. An elephant might seem like this huge, intimidating beast but they are quite gentle really. Those with vertigo might feel slightly giddy when the animal stands up and starts moving but it's all a matter of seconds, very soon you'll get used to the swaying motion of the elephant's gait. Howdahs, the seats on which you will sit, might seem high up in the list of things most-likely-to-break-apart rest assured, thousands have sat and lived to tell the tale!
Elephant safaris are popular in the various wildlife sanctuaries scattered all over India and in the forestlands of Kerala. It is the best way to see wildlife from close quarters. Despite their size, elephants can move soundlessly and can even sneak right up to an unsuspecting tiger. Contact individual local authorities and operators for details.

Horse Safaris:- You can hire horses all over India for riding and in the mountains they might be quite a good way to go uphill. However, as organized safaris, they are popular in Rajasthan; you might want to wait for the cooler months to try these.

Contact the following for further details:

In Delhi
Bikaner House
Pandara Road
In Jaipur
The Tourist Reception Centre
RTDC Tourist Hotel
The Government of India Tourist office
Hotel Khasa Kothi


As the representation of courage, sportsmanship and equestrian skill, polo has long been the traditional sport of the Indian nobility, since the medieval period. Foremost among the warrior princes who nurtured this game of kings, were the Rajputs of northern India. Renowned for their chivalry and valour, they cherished the sport as a proving ground for the horsemanship and ability of young men and soldiers. 

The advent of the British and the 'Pax Britannica' gave a new lease of life to polo in India. 'Rediscovered' by a British subaltern from the eastern fringes of the Indian Empire, polo began to progress rapidly both in India and in Britain in the 1870's. At the forefront of the revival were the traditional exponents of the sport - the Indian Maharajas. Armed with their hereditary equestrian skills and with the enormous resources at their disposal, the Maharajas took the polo-playing world by storm. 

The romance of the Bengal Lancers and the pomp and pageantry of the Princely States combined to create a spectacle that became one of the legendary images of the British Empire. The legend still endures. Whereas in other parts of the world, polo has since been associated as a sport of the rich; in India, it has ever been, and always will be, the sport of Kings.

A holiday on horseback is one of the best means of sampling the flavour of India's old world hospitality and charm in original ethnic surroundings. You can try your hand at this sport of the "Rich and Famous" at surprisingly affordable prices by opting for a polo holiday with any of a growing number of aristocrat entrepreneurs.



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