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    Trekking, Mountaineering and Skiing

Mountain climbingTrekking and mountaineering has always been the greatest hobby, high, adventurous mountains have been attracting the mountaineers all over the world. The Himalayas which span all over North India offer excellent opportunities to serious trekkers and mountaineers. In some areas trekking and mountaineering permits may be required these can be easily organized by tour operators.Right now the dramatic Himalayan deserts of Ladakh and the lush Garhwal hills are especially popular with trekkers. However, trekking on your own in the treacherous Himalayas is strictly not recommended. It is better to organize your trek through local or Delhi-based companies who know their terrain and business better. Seasons for trekking vary in different areas and the local authorities will be able to advice you on this.
Several local tour operators offer trekking equipment and reliable guides.

For more information you can contact:

In New Delhi
Jammu & Kashmir Tourism
Kanishka Shopping Plaza
Ashoka Road
Himachal Pradesh Tourism
Chandralok Building
36, Janpath
Sikkim Tourism
New Sikkim House
14, Panchsheel Marg
Chanakya Puri
Uttar Pradesh Tourism
Chandralok Building
36, Janpath
In Leh
Tourist Reception Center
Airport Road
In Gangtok
Sikkim Tourism
MG Marg
Gangtok Bazaar
For the Garhwal Hills
Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam
Kailash Gate
By Pass Road
Kumaon Vikas Mandal Nigam


Mountaineering seasons also vary in various places, so please check with local tourism authorities. The Mountaineering Institute and Allied Sports Complex, about a km out of Manali in Himachal Pradesh, will offer assistance to anyone interested in mountaineering in that part of the Himalayas. The addresses given above for trekking will also help those interested in mountaineering.

Also, they can get in touch with:

Indian Mountaineering Federation
Benito Juaraz Road
New Delhi
For the Garhwal hills
Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam
Muni ki Reti
In Darjeeling
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
Nehru Hill


Rock Climbing

Rock ClimbingRock climbing is certainly a skills. It takes all sorts of qualities like balance, strength, power, flexibility of movement and endurance. Climbing is not just about physical skills, which can be developed. It highly depends on how you go for it overcoming fears by realising them.

Rock peaks, ideal for rock climbing can be found in many areas of India. The Aravali hills at Dumdama, Dhauj and Nuh, near Delhi gives excellent experience of rock climbing.

Mount Abu, Golden Gorn spire, Adhar Devi slab and Sariska in Rajasthan also provides thrilling experience. Pavagadh in Gujarat, the Manali valley, Manikaran and Rohtang Pass, as well as Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, Igatpuri, Malshejghat, Kanheri caves, Mumbra, Dudha and Manori beach in Maharashtra,  the Chamundi Hills, Hampi and Bangalore in Karnataka,  are great locations for rock climbing.
In West Bengal, Darjeeling and Susunia hills offer climbing experiences. The Himalayan peaks are the climbers dream. The high-altitude climber will enjoy the rocks at Sonamarg in Kashmir and Gangotri in Garhwal, Uttar Pradesh.



Skiing At one time you could have skied right in the Kashmir valley, in Gulmarg though not now due to the troubled political situation. The premier skiing resort now is in Auli near Josimath (western UP). You can contact local tour operators who offer excellent packages. The season is from January to March-end. Other skiing resorts are at Solang, near Manali, and in Kufri and Narkanda near Shimla. These are however not very developed. In Solang Valley, near Manali you can also do ballooning; the season for this is usually in summer. For details on Institutes for 

For more details contact:

Uttar Pradesh Tourism
Chandralok Building
36, Janpath
Himachal Pradesh Tourism
Chandralok Building
36, Janpath




Snowboarding is a more recent invention than skiing but has already overtaken it in popularity. Snowboarding is a new sport in India and Solang is the only place where it is taking place. Solang's outstanding snow and choice of terrain are the main attractions for riders from all over the world . It is easy to learn, graceful and elegant to watch and a thrill that has to be experienced (or so the snowboarders would have everyone believe). Combining the grace of surfing with the jump and spin techniques of skateboarding, snowboarding is pure adrenaline. And there's nothing like the freedom of flying down a snow-covered mountain on a snowboard.

The season at Rohtang extends from January to March. The snow covered slopes of Solang present a remarkable challenge as you negotiate the ridges at break-neck speed.  

North Face Adventure Tour, with some of the best coaches and riders in the sport conducts snowboarding courses at Solang. The packages offered include boarding and lodging facilities, food, snowboarding equipment, transportation and imparting training through trained instructors.

The rates offered by them are :
7 days and 6 nights Rs. 6660/-
4 days and 3 nights Rs. 4660/-
One day package Rs. 950/- (Rates are subject to change).

Snowboarding Essentials

Snowboard -  The snowboard looks similar to a surfboard or skateboard. There are basically two types of boards, depending on the style of snowboarding. Free riding is the downhill oriented side of the sport and requires boards that are built for speed, variable snow and steep drops. Freestyle requires boards that are built for freestyle moves, and spins. The boards should be light, go fast from edge-to-edge, spin quickly and respond instantly. Most snowboards are designed both for free riding and freestyle, having a twin tip design where both ends are the same.

The optimal board length is dependent upon the style of riding. In general the optimal board length should be related to the rider's weight. You need to bend the board, beneath you, for turns or spins so if the board is too stiff for your weight you will never be able to bend it sufficiently.

To attach your feet to the board, you need bindings. Most entry-level bindings share the same basic design, a base plate with straps. Unlike ski bindings, snowboard bindings are not meant to release when you crash, but need to be disconnected in order to glide along flat areas. More advanced bindings replace the base plate with a set of rails, allowing your boots to rest directly on the board for better response and feel.

Snowboard Boots - Snowboard boots are usually thick and bulky. They come in hi-tech materials and good old leather, and have short, blunted toes. They are generally about a size bigger than your normal shoes.

Handy Tip -  It is wisest to rent equipment the first time. Most ski areas rent out a board, bindings and a pair of boots.

Clothes --  It may not seem absolutely necessary, but quality body covering comes in handy if you're interested in staying warm, dry, and looking cool. The essential apparel includes a highly waterproof snowboard jacket, waterproof snowboard pants with padding on the knees, synthetic underwear and socks. You also need a good pair of gloves for the hands, goggles for the eyes and a sturdy helmet. Snowboarders are prone to injuries to the upper part of the body, especially the wrists and shoulders. The use of wrist guards is highly recommended for beginners and advanced snowboarders.


Adventure Sports Institutes.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
Jawahar Parbat, Darjeeling, West Bengal :  Mountaineering Courses.
Nehru Institute of Mountaineering
Uttarkashi, Dt. Uttarkashi (U.P.) :  Mountaineering Courses.
Western Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali, Himachal Pradesh : Mountaineering, Skiing and Water sports Courses. Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering
Department of Tourism C-1 Hutments, Dalhousie Road, New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Auli (UP) and Narkanda (HP) :  Trekking in Jammu and Skiing (Patnitop), Para-gliding Courses (Auli and Patnitop).



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