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  Para gliding ( Contact )

India is a perfect destination for a paragliding pilot to satisfy his thirst for varied flying conditions and topography: mountain flying, coastal flying, desert flying and flying over flatlands.

Para GlidingThe great Himalayan ranges in the north provide perfect mountain flying conditions in the highest and most spectacular regions of the world. When the winter snow blocks the passes and makes these sunny slopes inhospitable, the western ghats provide fresh opportunities with their rugged 1500 meters high mountain range, meandering southwards along the coast, stretching all the way to the southern point of India. These hills are dotted with ancient Buddhist cave temples and rugged medieval fortresses which sometimes act as takeoff sites. The Aravali ranges in Rajasthan, exotic desert country, are perfect for flying, especially when the monsoons descend on the rest of the country. The craggy hills which protect the beautiful beaches of the west coast and the Nilgiri hills tea growing country, famed for their forest reserves, are also great flying sites.

Billing in the Kangra Valley had already been identified as a flying site for hang gliding and an international competition was held at Billing in Himachal Pradesh. The sport of paragliding developed in the Kangra and Kullu Valleys.

For gliding Contact

Panchgani, Matheran, Raigad, Talegaon, Sinhagad (Pune),Panhala Kolhapur), Murud-Janjira, Bhandardhara, Ajinkyatara (Satara), Amboli, Ratnagiri,and Ganpatipule.
Anjuna and Arambol beaches
Chamundi hills (Mysore), Nandi hills (Bangalore)
Tamil Nadu
Nilgiri hills (Ooty & Kodaikanal)
Aravali hills
Uttar Pradesh
Nainital & Pithoragarh
Himachal Pradesh
Manali, Bilaspur & Billing

Popular hang-gliding sites across the country are Billing and Dharamashala in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla and Kasauli also in Himachal Pradesh, Kamshet, Talegaon, Satara, Murud Janjira, in Maharashtra;. Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu; Mhow near Indore in Madhya Pradesh; the Chamundi Hills near Mysore and Nandi Hills, near Bangalore in Karnataka.

India Outdoors
Neelkanth Niwas,
169/C, Dr. Ambedkar Road,
Dadar T.T.,
Mumbai - 400 014, India.

The Western Paragliding Association
14 Percy, I.C. Colony,
Borivali (West),
Mumbai-400103, India

Nirvana Adventures
2-A, Takshashila Apts, Tagore Rd, Santacruz (w), Bombay 400054, India

       Hot Air Ballooning

      You must seen the big, colourful balloons flying in the air on the television or in the movies. It is very
      different experience and feeling. Its as if you are floating in the air without support. Hot air
      ballooning has become a adventure sport. Such festivals are arranged in New Delhi. Even such
      festivals should be arranged in other parts of the country.  

      Bungee Jumping

      Bungee Jumping, is both a spectacular attraction and an exhilarating experience for all who participate,
      attracting people from a wide background and a broad spectrum of age groups. The average age of
      jumpers is between 16 and 40, but the limit is 14 to 50. Spectators of all ages stand in awe, witnessing
      many people who just have to do it.

      Bungee Jumping originated on the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu with the natives performing it as
      part of their manhood ritual, leaping from bamboo towers with only wines tied to their ankles.
      The world's first Bungee jump, occurred on April Fools Day 1979, when four jumpers performed a
      completely unauthorized leap, simultaneously from Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge using elasticized
      rubber ropes. Soon after, red-blooded adrenaline seekers across the world embraced this thrilling and
      intriguing new sport that owes everything to plain, raw nerve! It is quite a safe sport, as all the
      equipment used in the whole operation applies a fundamental "redundancy" principle throughout and
      the procedures include rigorous double checking very much like a pilots preflight check routine.
      The Bungee jumping crew combines extensive practical experience, with theoretical familiarization
      with procedures and equipment.
      India is also fast catching up with this thrilling sport. Several organizers are coming up with Bungee
      Jumping in various parts of the country.

      In Delhi

      MICKEY'S BUNGEE Wanderlust
      M-51,52 Palika Bhawan,
      Opp. Hyatt Regency,
      New Delhi 110066 (India)


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