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Beaches in Orissa

Puri Beach 
Puri BeachPuri is not only one of India's holiest pilgrimage centres, it is also gifted with a fabulous coastline and lovely beaches. The beaches here are ideal for beach sports but swimming is not recommended unless in the company of a life guard, who wears yellow conical caps. There are many beach resorts here which range from the modest to the luxurious. The rough seas don't even allow many water sports.

Another popular beach resort is Gopalpur-on-Sea, 170 km from Bhubaneshwar, and 15 km from Berhampur. This is a perfect beach, fairly isolated and undisturbed by day-trippers. This place is good for both sailing and surfing.

On the Bay of Bengal lies this favourite spot for sea lovers. Warm and gentle sunshine greets you and the golden beach is an ideal place to swim or laze around. Once an ancient seaport, today Gopalpur-on-sea is a probably one of Orissa's most popular and modern beach resort fringed by sand dunes attracting tourists from all over the world. Nearby are the ruins of an old jetty from where sailors set out to Indonesia in medieval times.

How to get there

By Air
The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, 186 km away.
By Rail 
Berhampur, 16 km away, is the nearest railhead and an important one on the South Eastern railway, linking Vizag in the South and Bhubaneswar to the north.
By Road 
Berhampore -16km from Gopalpur-on-sea and 180 km from Bhubaneswar Balugaon - 110 km from Gopalpur-on-sea and 2.5 hr drive from Bhubaneswar, Barkul - 113 km and Rambha - 60 km short of Gopalpur. Taxi fare from Bhubaneswar - Gopalpur is Rs. 1,200 - 1,500.

The Oberoi Palm Beach, Dist. Ganjam, Tel: 0680-82021/3, fax: 0680-82300
Hotel Mermaid, Tel. 0680- 82050
Song of the Sea, Tel. 0680-82347

chandi_beach.jpg (6066 bytes)Situated 16 kms away from Balasore is a divine beach resort called Chandipur. What is unique about the beach is that the sea water recedes about 5 kms during low tide and advances to the shore line again during high tide, each day.

An ideal beach resort of Orissa situated 16 kms. from Balasore, 200 km from Cuttack and 230 km from Bhubaneswar, is a unique sea beach where seawater recedes about 5 kms. during low tide and advances to the shoreline again during high tide each day.

For assistance contact
Government of Orissa Tourist Office, SPA Marketing Complex, Block-B, Station Square, Balasore. Tel: (06782)-62048

How to get there

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneshwar, 214 km.

Neelanchal Express, Puri-Howrah trains stop at Balasore, from where Chandipur is 16 kms. away and is approachable by road.

Balasore (16 kms). NH5 links the town with Bhubaneswar in the south and Calcutta in the north.

Accommodation - Hotel Shubham, Tel 06785-72025 OTDC Pantha Niwas, Tel 06785-7225


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